• Sort    
  •     Wash    
  •     Pelletize    
  •     Sheet    
  •     Package    

  • Sort and Grind

    Millions of bottles collected at buy back centers across California make their way to Global on a daily basis. Not all bottles are recyclable, which is why Global has an experienced team identifying and removing “contaminate” bottles that will disrupt the melt flow process. View the APR Guidelines for what makes a bottle recyclable here.

  • Friction Wash

    Sanitary transformation of bottle flake into a food grade raw material is an incredible process. Global paved the way for recycled packaging in the produce industry with its state of the art friction washing techniques which has earned a Letter of Non-Objection from the FDA for use in direct food contact applications.

  • Solid State and Pelletize

    The solid State and Pelletizing process used at Global rejuvinates recycled plastic to its original quality, strength, and form. The process increases bulk density and intrinsic viscosity allowing for higher production throughput and deeper draw packaging capabilities.   

  • Extrude Sheet

    With specification adjustments to width and gauge, sheet rolls can accommodate thermoforms ranging from thin blister packs to deep draw tubs and cups.  

  • Thermoform Package

    Made 100% from recycled bottles without the use of added petroleum. The entire process takes less than a day, uses far less energy to create, and is a long term, sustainable, and sanitary solution to food packaging.